Kris Jenner gushes over Khloe Kardashian for her birthday


Kris Jenner is always taking care of her children. While she doesn’t always agree with their choices, she always supports them. Kris Jenner proves this to us once again with a heartfelt Instagram post for Khloe’s birthday.

Kris Jenner is the mom that we all deserve in our lives. She’s supportive, sassy, and always speaks her mind. Kris is a seasoned woman with life experience all across the board. She’s a woman who doesn’t want to see her children make the same mistakes that she has. She’s also a woman who will always comfort her children after they make their own mistakes.

Khloe Kardashian turned 34 today and Kris Jenner was one of the first people to give her a shout out. Kris left a heartfelt message for Khloe, pointing out all of her strong attributes. Kris knows that Khloe is strong and kind, just as we all do. Kris’s opinion of her daughter tells us how true Khloe is to the whole world.

Kris is the first to know that the past year has been a rough one for Khloe. Khloe had to learn that her partner, Tristan Thompson, was cheating on her throughout her whole pregnancy. Khloe welcomed their newborn shortly after the cheating scandal broke. We can only imagine the toll that this took on poor Khloe.

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Of course, family is the most important thing in Kris Jenner’s life. She has never hesitated to give her opinion on anything that her children are doing. However, People reports that the entire family is being civil towards Tristan after the whole affair.

Although civility is hard in these situations, everyone knows that Khloe plans on staying with Tristan. There’s no reason to start fights over something that they can’t change. Besides, Khloe is an adult and it’s best to trust her judgment.