Kylie Jenner spends week gushing over Stormi on social media


Kylie Jenner had decided earlier this summer that she was no longer posting any pictures of Stormi’s face. True fans of Kylie were a understanding but disappointed, as we love seeing the baby’s face. Kylie broke down and gave us all a bit of baby fever for the first week of July.

Kylie Jenner kept most of her pregnancy to herself. We didn’t get many pictures of her baby bump or any indications of how the baby was doing. The makeup mogul has made it clear that her family life with Stormi and Travis Scott is something that she wants to keep private. Not to mention nasty comments from people talking about how Stormi looks. Bullying a baby is the lowest of the low.

This week we’ve gotten a lot of information about Stormi. US Magazine reports that she was answering some fan questions on Twitter. Kylie told fans that Stormi is “changing almost every week” and has “the cutest personality.” Kylie also told fans that now Stormi can fit into a lot of her shoes, which include brands like Nike and Louis Vuitton.

One of the most exciting things that Kylie posted was a vide of her and Stormi cuddling on her Instagram story. The two are so cute and happy together. It’s wonderful to see such a happy baby and to see Kylie be so happy with her daughter. Even if she doesn’t post Stormi’s face again for a while, we’re happily content with this sweet video.

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We definitely see a resemblance between Stormi and Kylie in this video, especially with their sweet smiles. Baby Stormi does look like her father, Travis Scott, as well, but her likeness with Kendall is amazing. We can’t wait to see this baby grow up!