Iggy Azalea addresses rumors she is dating Kylie Jenner’s Ex Tyga


The rumors have been flying that Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga is moving on with Iggy Azalea. Now Iggy is speaking out against these rumors and laughing them off.

The Iggy and Tyga dating rumors have been flying for months. She is sharing if they are true by speaking out to E!’s Daily Pop. Iggy actually laughed off the rumors that she was dating Tyga and it sounds like there is no way these are true at all. There was talk that she was cozy with Tyga at the Coachella Music Festival back in April, but Iggy simply says that they are friends according to In Touch WeeklyHere is how she explained it all.

"“There are no pictures of me and him hugged up, but when you’re at a music festival and everyone’s packed in like sardines, of course we’re next to each other. When you hang out with your friends and you’re the only two famous people out of 10, then you’re getting married and having children.”"

That wasn’t the only thing that Iggy touched on. She does want children in the future, but no they are not going to be Tyga’s babies and she isn’t pregnant by him already. The rumors have been so wild that even Kylie Jenner herself probably wondered if they were true. It turns out that Iggy is totally single and ready to mingle, but it won’t be with Tyga.

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