Kim Kardashian made more for one Instagram post than most of us make in a year


Kim Kardashian makes amazing money on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and of course, with her other ventures. Now it is being revealed that for just one Instagram post Kim makes more money than most of us do in a year.

Cosmopolitan shared the news about what Kim Kardashian made for one of her recent posts on Instagram. The medical journalism website called STAT actually shared that Kim made more for one post than the President makes in a year. Companies must feel like she is very influential and that her followers value her opinion.

Kim simply posted about a morning sickness pill and the company paid her $500,000 for this one post. The President is paid $400,000 for his annual salary. This is a shocking salary.

Kardashian has actually worked with this company more than once. It is unknown if she got paid the same amount each time. The FDA wasn’t thrilled that it didn’t list all of the risks with this medicine. This is not the only company that Kim works with either on posts. Kim is probably making a pretty good salary every year on social network posts alone. She does mark the posts showing they are an ad or sponsored so at least fans know she was paid for the post. Kim has over 114 million followers on Instagram alone.

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