Details revealed of Kim Kardashian’s relationship with Michael Jackson’s nephew


Kim Kardashian’s teenage relationship with Michael Jackson’s nephew is now being revealed. This all went down before she was even famous.

It turns out that when Kim K was just a teenager she dated Michael Jackson’s nephew. People is now sharing the details about this relationship. Kim actually dated T. J. Jackson and this wasn’t just a small teenage fling. These two were together for over a year. It was pretty serious for a teenage romance.

It turns out that according to her ex-nanny the family loved him, too. Pam Behan shared all in a new interview. This will all air on Scandal Made Me Famous next week. Pam said, “I really liked T.J. He was kind of on the quiet, shy side, always very nice and polite. A good-looking kid, and as far as I could ever see, he treated Kim with great respect.” It turns out that Kim even went to Neverland Ranch. Kim talked about these visits in the past without explaining the boyfriend situation.

Obviously, these two didn’t work out. Kim moved on to end up happily married to Kanye West. T.J. moved on as well, but it is pretty surprising to fans that they didn’t know about this relationship that Kim had back when she was a teenager. Pam Behan said she thought that Kim and T. J. would get married at one time.

It will be interesting to see if after this episode airs Kim Kardashian decides to talk about this past relationship. She was so young when it happened that it isn’t surprising she hasn’t revealed all about him. Daily Mail shared before that Kim shared that she lost her virginity to her teenage boyfriend of two years, which sounds like it was probably T. J.

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