Kim Kardashian promotes new KKW fragrance using her greatest asset


Kim Kardashian knows how to use her body in the most beneficial ways. She works out to keep her body looking great and models for different products. This time, she’s modeling with her own product in the most Kardashian way we’ve seen.

Kim Kardashian has been busy between promoting clothing for Kanye’s line and promoting her own KKW brand. Kim has been releasing new perfume fragrances all summer long. The majority of them have been fruit themed, giving us the lasting impression of summer. The newest one is “Kimoji Peach Perfume.”

Using the play on words, Kim posted a picture modeling the perfume bottles- perfectly placed on her own peach. She has already had one fragrance bottle shaped after her own body. Using her real body to promote the new fragrance is the most Kardashian thing we’ve seen in a long time. Kim hasn’t forgotten what her greatest asset is.

This bikini selfie, or as People says, “belfie,” has the internet going crazy. Not only are fans going crazy over the play on words, but no one can resist a good Kim Kardashian butt picture. And she definitely knows how to take them. Later in the afternoon, Kim posted another picture showing off her body. This time, her abs were the main focus, but she was still promoting the perfume bottle.

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Regardless of your opinion on Kim, this is good marketing. Kim knows how to sell a product, and she will make sure that it sells. Who can resist a good selfie? And honestly, who can resist a nicely scented perfume? Although we haven’t head many reviews yet, we’re waiting to see how well this fragrance line does. And we hope that it continues to remind us all of this summer once it’s over.