Kim Kardashian bribes North West to model for Fendi


Kim Kardashian is no stranger to the ways parenthood works. While she does her best to get her family to live a healthy and clean lifestyle, we all know how easy it is to succumb to what your kids want. Even Kim Kardashian is guilty of bribing her children to get them to behave.

Kim Kardashian and North West are one of the cutest mother-daughter pairs we’ve seen in a long time. Not only do we get cute pictures of the two, they are extremely alike. North has already started modeling children’s clothes, taking a giant headstart just like her mother before her. Did North inherit this ability from her parents?

North inherited a lot from her parents, but her ability to be professional still lies within the hands of candy treats and bribes. Paper Magazine reports that Kim Kardashian has bribed North with gummy bears before, primarily during a Fendi shoot. The gummy bears definitely helped a lot, but we think there was more to the shoot than gummy bears.

The Fendi photoshoot shows us a wonderful family moment between Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and North West. Not only is the scenery amazing, it shows us three generations of women from the same family living life and loving each other. We have known that Kim has a wonderfully close relationship with Kris Jenner, and we’re happy to see that Kim and North are starting their own relationship just like it.

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Whether it’s the candy or the family, we’re feeling blessed to have this photoshoot. Kris and Kim have set the way for North, and we’re ready to see her take it. North West will definitely be an icon of the future, taking after her entire family. We can’t wait to see where this young girl goes!