Kim Kardashian takes husband Kanye to the ER


Kim Kardashian just had to take her husband Kanye West to the ER. Luckily, he is doing okay after this visit.

Kanye is very lucky to have his wife Kim Kardashian by his side to take care of him. TMZ shared the news that Kim recently had to take him to the ER. It turns out that on Sunday pictures were taken of the two outside of the ER where Kim had taken him. This had fans worried something was wrong, but it doesn’t seem to be like a big deal.

The couple went to West Hills Hospital in the San Fernando Valley. It turns out that Kanye is going to be fine though. He had a case of the flu and it just kept getting worse. They finally decided to go in and get him prescriptions to get him feeling better. Of course, they don’t want their children to end up catching it so that was a smart move.

Kanye West has been really busy on tour lately. He has shared on Twitter more than once that he has sinus issues going on. It is starting to sound like it might be time for Kanye to take a bit of a break and let his body heal. Sometimes a bit of rest can really make you feel better. Kanye isn’t one to sit still for long, though. Work always keeps him pretty busy and out on the road.

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