Kendall Jenner shares photos of her new mansion’s decor


Kendall Jenner may be quieter, but she’s living life just as lavishly as her sisters. The young model already has her own mansion in Beverly Hills. After owning it for a few months, the model has made it her home.

Kendall Jenner makes moves in silence. We know when she’s modeling because that’s her job, but we don’t always know what’s going on in her personal life until one of her sister’s points it out. Kendall does her best to keep her private affairs private, especially when it comes to relationships and home life.

Fans were lucky to see Kendall post some new pictures from inside of her Beverly Hills mansion on her Instagram story. Architectual Digest says that her mansion used to belong to Charlie Sheen, but Jenner has made it her own. She has only owned the mansion for six months, but she is head over heels for it. She has made it her own private space already.

Kendall bought her mansion for $8.55 million. We can only imagine how much time and money she has spent decorating her home as well. Her photos show that she has definitely made the mansion hers. Taking a long look at the photos reveals some pieces of Kendall’s personality that we don’t always get to see from the paparazzi and modeling shoots.

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The model definitely has a refined sense for the arts, as we can see through her many photographs and portraits marking the walls. Her furniture tells us that she enjoys a refined but vintage look, giving us a glimpse of her old soul. As for the colors of the house, we can see that Kendall likes her neutral tones. Perhaps this decor and the color tones help her relax at home and take a break from her busy and exciting career.