Khloe Kardashian thinks Tristan Thompson is ignoring cheating scandal


Khloe Kardashian is settling down and thinking about family- but she’s concerned about Tristan Thompson’s role. The new mother doesn’t think that Thompson understands that there are consequences for his actions. The Kardashian family’s celebrity status is making things a bit hard.

Khloe Kardashian has always been a loving person who doesn’t give up on her relationships easily. She tried relentlessly to fix her relationship with Lamar Odom and even went as far as to delay their divorce to help him with the rehabilitation he needed. She is a woman who will always try to help those that she loves.

Although Khloe and Tristan are doing their best to grow and move on from the scandal, People reports that Khloe thinks Tristan isn’t understanding how serious their situation is. A cheating scandal is huge for any celebrity, but it’s especially huge if you’re a Kardashian. Khloe believes that Tristan is brushing the scandal under the rug because he doesn’t understand the consequences since he isn’t as famous as the Kardashians.

The couple is currently going through couples therapy to help mend their relationship. Now that they have a daughter together, it’s extremely important for them to try to work this situation out rather than just giving up. We all know that Khloe is headstrong, she won’t give up easily when it comes to her family.

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The rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan are doing their best to be supportive and accept Khloe’s decision to stay with Tristan and try to work things out. Khloe is an adult who can make her own choices for her family. Although not everyone agrees with her choice, they know that they can’t make her change her mind. Right now, it is all up to Khloe.