Kanye West speaks out, admits to suicidal thoughts


Kanye West is speaking out and admitting to suicidal thoughts in his past. This does concern fans about how he is doing, but it sounds like Kanye is fine now.

Hollywood Life shared about Kanye’s tweets he made today. Kim Kardashian’s husband didn’t hold back. He goes to his social networks randomly and shares stuff with fans. He got pretty open explaining some about his past. Kanye watched “the Alexander McQueen documentary” and then he wanted to open up to his fans about everything. It sounds like watching this show really affected the rapper.

If you don’t realize this, Alexander McQueen killed himself by hanging back in 2010. The new documentary just came out. Kanye admits that he knows how it feels to want to take your own life. A lot of people have had suicidal thoughts, but don’t admit it.

Kanye went on to say, “To make this clear and not weird I’ve had these kinds of thoughts and I’m going to tell you things I’ve done to stay in a content place.”  After that, he went on to explain more saying:

"“Oh yeah, I’ve thought about killing myself all the time. It’s always a option and [expletive]Like Louis C.K. said: I flip through the manual. I weigh all the options. I’m just having this epiphany now, ’cause I didn’t do it, but I did think it all the way through. But if I didn’t think it all the way through, then it’s actually maybe more of a chance of it happening.”"

It sounds like Kanye West is doing a lot better now and doesn’t have these thoughts anymore. It makes the fans happy to hear that he is well. Sometimes knowing that other people deal with the same issues can make us feel like we aren’t as different as celebrities as we think.

He also posted the below picture after all of these comments as well. It looks like he is working hard on his shoes, which does have the fans excited to hear.

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