Kris Jenner snuggles with Stormi during MJ’s birthday party


Kris Jenner has been the best mom that the Kardashian-Jenner kids could ask for, but she’s even more excited as a grandma. Kris lets her children make and fix their own mistakes, but we think she might be a little more watchful over her grandchildren.

Kris Jenner appears to be taking a break from her momager role and picking up a new one- her role as a grandmother. Luckily for her, it doesn’t look like she’ll ever have a lack of grandchildren. She is extremely lucky to have three new grandchildren in the past year alone. Although her own children are all grown up, she has plenty of babies to snuggle with.

Kylie posted some footage of Kris Jenner on her Snapchat this week. While attending Grandma MJ’s 84th birthday party, Kris got some exclusive snuggling time with baby Stormi. Based on this footage alone, we can tell that Kris is totally in love with the new babies in the family.

Baby snuggling isn’t the only thing that Kris Jenner does as a grandmother. US Magazine reports that Kris Jenner spends a lot of her time at Kylie’s house, helping her with the new baby. Kris says that Kylie was born to be a mother, she does a great job on her own. However, she does like having a break every once in a while as a young and new mother. Kris doesn’t mind lending a hand.

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Kris and Kylie are definitely forming a strong bond over Kylie’s new motherhood. Kris says that she knew she wanted to have kids as a teenager, she believes that she and Kylie were both just meant to be mothers. Kris birthed a large family, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Kylie did the same.