North West fangirls over Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend


North West is a typical kid in a lot of ways despite her celebrity parents and frequent modeling shoots. She loves to eat candies, watch movies, and she definitely looks up to other women in her life, including Rob Kardashian’s ex.

Parents can never keep a secret, and North West is about to learn that her mom is no exception. Kim Kardashian recently shared on Instagram that North’s newest obsession is The Cheetah Girls. Many of us can relate to this being our favorite movie as a kid or at least one of them. What girl doesn’t love a movie all about friendship and girl power?

It just so happens that Rob Kardashian’s ex-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon is one of The Cheetah Girls. Of course, Kim couldn’t help but point out this funny coincidence. Page Six reports that Kim Kardashian posted a clip from the movie on her Instagram story, tagging Bailon. She teasingly wondered if she should tell North that Bailon could have been her aunt.

All in good fun, Adrienne Bailon found the joke to be funny and even reposted it to her own account. Of course, it is funny to think about marrying an ex when you’re already happily married to someone else. Although Bailon hasn’t forgotten that Rob did cheat on her, it looks like she’s still at least good acquaintances with Kim.

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As for North, we think that Adrienne Bailon is a good role model to have. As a Cheetah Girl, she was feisty and always stood up for her friends. Bailon is definitely a better role model to have than Rob’s most recent ex, Blac Chyna. We’re hoping that this trend sticks with North as she grows older because truth be told, we don’t need another Blac Chyna in the Kardashian family.