Blac Chyna’s mom calls her ‘mistake’


Blac Chyna’s mom isn’t holding back as she is calling her daughter a “mistake.”  Chyna is the mother of Rob Kardashian’s daughter dream.

Blac Chyna and her mother, Tokyo Toni, have been in a bit of a feud lately. It was already revealed recently that Chyna won’t let her mom see her children at all. Of course, she is really unhappy about this and things are starting to escalate now. She has allegedly been trying to see them but has been turned down.

Now, Us Weekly is revealing what all Tokyo Toni had to say about her daughter and it isn’t pretty.  Toni just posted a video on Instagram all about her daughter. Things end up getting pretty ugly in this video. This is how it started out.

"“Blac Chyna, the name I gave you was Angela Renee. The disrespect that you have been giving me for the past quite a few years, I’ve tolerated it because I’m your mama, you the only child. But you better keep in mind I’m a bad b**ch.”"

The thing is she didn’t stop there at all, though. Toni just kept on going about Blac Chyna. She doesn’t seem to think her daughter would have any success without her. Then she said, “You was a statutory rape baby.” She also said her daughter was a “mistake.” So far, Blac Chyna hasn’t responded to her mom’s video, but everyone would love to hear what she has to say on this one.

Things are starting to get pretty ugly between these two. It doesn’t look like anything is going to get better anytime soon. If Toni keeps it up, she may never see her grandchildren again, which of course, isn’t what she wants.

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Are you shocked to hear the things that Blac Chyna’s mom had to say about her? Let us know in the comments and make sure you don’t miss Keeping Up With the Kardashians when it returns to E! on August 5, 2018. There is no reason to think that Chyna will return to the show now that she is done with Rob.