Kim Kardashian’s new photographer is 5-year-old daughter


Kim Kardashian has a new photographer and it is her 5-year-old daughter.  A lot of people aren’t thinking that this is the best decision, but North rocked the job.

Life & Style is now sharing how people are upset that Kim Kardashian is using North West as her photographer, but Kim doesn’t seem to mind. Check out the picture below to see what Kim had her to take a picture of and it wasn’t anything that was inappropriate. You can even see North West snapping the photo in the mirror.

Along with the picture, Kim said “Thanks North for being the best photographer and coming through when mommy needs a good promo post!” It sounds like she found the perfect person to take her pictures and in the photo, North looks like she is happy to do it. Maybe she has a career in photography ahead of her.

A lot of the fans were not happy to hear that Kim Kardashian used North West for the photo op. They were talking about it in the comments and said, “LMAO, Kim [is] literally out here having kids just to take her picture.” Another one said, “When nobody wants to take your picture so you use [your] child.” One commented: “Poor child taking the picture.”

There were a few fans that loved that North West did such a great job as the photographer. Parents have kids take their pictures all the time. Kim Kardashian just happened to admit that her daughter was the one taking this shot for her. So far, Kim seems to be taking the high road and not saying a word about what the fans had to say. It must be hard to stay quiet when you are criticized so much for every little thing you do.

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