Kim Kardashian works out while hungover, inspires us all


Kim Kardashian is always telling us that the best thing to do to stay fit is to stay on a schedule and never miss a workout. The mom of three takes her own advice, as she shares footage of herself working out while hungover.

Kim Kardashian never misses a workout- ever. The beauty mogul gets up early every morning to do her workouts and to start her day off right. She works out no matter what, including when she’s hungover. Kim shared footage on her Instagram story of her working out after being hungover from Kylie’s birthday party.

People reports that Kim started her workout later, but that doesn’t matter to Kim. According to her, the gym doesn’t care when she’s drunk or when she’s hungover. She’s going to be there regardless, even if it includes napping between workouts.

While it may seem crazy that Kim wouldn’t take a day to herself to relax after a night of partying, it really is inspiring too. Many of us struggle to find the time or energy to workout even when we feel perfectly fine. It’s hard for us to all adjust our schedules to build a workout routine like Kim has. Although she is busy, she always makes time for her workouts. And many of us wouldn’t workout while hungover, either.

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Maybe she’s crazy, maybe she’s healthy, she’s definitely Kim Kardashian. While we may not be found napping between sets during a hungover workout, we can definitely admire Kim for sticking to her routine. Although we’re proud of her, we’re definitely hoping that she got some serious nap time in after her morning workout. The gym might not ever sleep, but us humans definitely do. Stay healthy out there, fitness gurus!