Travis Scott gets new face tattoo, but did he tell Kylie first?


Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy Travis Scott just got a new face tattoo, but a post makes it look like he might have forgotten to tell Kylie about it. Ouch!

Travis Scott actually went to his Instagram page to share all about his new tattoo. The thing is that it appears that Kylie might not have known about it. She is not seen in the photo of him getting it done. Then Kylie commented on his Instagram page and really had fans wondering if she was finding out on a social network just like everyone else was when they saw this picture.

As you can see above, Travis Scott was adding some new art to his face. Kylie posted in the comments below simply saying, “Baby!!!!” That sounds like a girlfriend who had no idea her boyfriend was going to put new ink on his face, which is a pretty big deal. It isn’t like Scott is new to tattoos, though.

The thing is Kylie Jenner never said anything else about it on the post. So maybe she didn’t know about Travis’ new tattoo or maybe Kylie was just simply shocked that he was already doing it. Fans will probably never know why Kylie posted that comment, but it has to make you wonder.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott share one daughter Stormi Webster. The two seem very serious, but if they are ever going to get engaged or married they haven’t shared. The couple does seem to be doing very well so far, though.

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