Kylie Jenner shares how Stormi makes her want to be a good example


Kylie Jenner is now speaking out about how she wants to be a good example for her daughter Stormi. Being a mom has made her think a lot.

Kylie has really changed since she became a mom, but this isn’t a bad thing at all. She shared saying, “I’m trying to love myself more.” It isn’t a bad thing at all to learn to love yourself. Kylie talked about this all in an interview with her Vogue Australia that she did where her sister Kendall actually asked the questions.

One thing that has changed about Kylie is she sees beauty in a different way now. She wants to look inside herself more for beauty instead of just on the outside. Kylie always thought that her ears stuck out a bit too much, but she has realized that her daughter Stormi has the same ears. This has made her learn to love her ears.

Kylie Jenner wants to be a great example for her daughter. She explained that she would not be a good example if she didn’t like her ears and they are the same as Stormi’s ears. Jenner has really changed her outlook on life and it looks like things are going well for her. Remember that Kylie recently gave her lip fillers. Things are really changing for her.

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are doing great together. The couple revealed that they are living together. They have one daughter together and hopefully, things continue to go well.

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