Kim Kardashian, Kanye West have one embryo left, already know the sex


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have three children already. They have two girls and one boy. It turns out that if they decide to have another one that they only have one embryo left and they already know the sex of the baby.

Us Weeky shared the details about Kim and Kanye’s last embryo. They welcomed their daughter Chicago just seven months ago. It sounds like they have plans to use a gestational carrier again soon and try for another child. This is their fourth and final embryo.

Doctors have told Kim Kardashian that it is not safe for her to try and carry a child again. They used a gestational carrier with their daughter Chicago so it isn’t surprising at all that she would want to use one again. A gestational carrier means that the person is not related to the family at all, where a surrogate is related to them in some way. Kim also explained that a traditional surrogate uses her egg and in this case, the egg belongs to Kim making it her biological child.

Another thing is that Kim and Kanye already know that this last embryo is a boy. That means if they have another child that they will complete their little family with two boys and two girls. That sounds like the perfect little family for this couple.

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