Younes Bendjima fight tape makes Scott Disick furious he was around his kids


It turns out that Scott Disick is furious with Kourtney Kardashian after a fight tape of Younes Bedjima was released. Scott isn’t into fighting and knows that this guy was around his children. Luckily, Younes and Kourtney are over.

A fight video came out showing Younes going after a Delilah employee back in March 2018. Scott Disick has now seen this video and a source is saying that he is not happy about it at all. A friend of Scott’s is sharing that Disick heard about the fight when it happened. The thing is he didn’t know how bad it was at first. The source explained.

"“He knew that there was an incident with Younes but he had no idea that it was as brutal as it appears on the tape. Scott was angry and upset at the time but now that he’s seen the tape Scott is furious.”"

The source says that Scott Disick is insisting that Kourtney doesn’t ever let Younes around their kids again. Right now, Kourtney and Younes are split up, but you never know if they could end up deciding to get back together again.

Younes allegedly cheated on Kourtney Kardashian and so she doesn’t have any plans at all to get back together with him anyway. It doesn’t sound like Scott has anything to be worried about and some people still feel like Scott and Kourtney will end up together again someday. Kourtney has revealed that she isn’t positive she is done having children.

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