Donald Trump has nice things to say about Kim Kardashian, Kanye West


President Donald Trump was speaking at a fundraising dinner for the Ohio Republican Party in Columbus on Friday when he decided to praise Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Trump met the couple months ago when they made a visit to the White House and things went well for them. E! Online shared about what Trump recently had to say about the couple.

At this fundraising event, Trump said: “Now we’re doing great and Kanye West liked me and that really lifted my- Kanye West has some real power!” Kanye has shared on his Twitter in the past that he does support President Donald Trump, which has to help the situation out.

Trump even went on to say that Kanye West has a good wife in Kim Kardashian. If you aren’t aware, back in June President Donald Trump commuted the life sentence of 63-year-old Tennessee woman Alice Marie Johnson for a first-time drug offense. This was very important to Kim Kardashian and she had been working on the cause even meeting with Trump to talk about it all.

President Donald Trump feels like Kim Kardashian did a great thing by helping out with this cause. The woman did spend 22 years in jail, but when she got out she hugged her family and even got to hug her grandchildren. She was given a new lease on life and Kim helped her to get that recently.

A lot of celebrities have been very vocal about the fact that they don’t support President Donald Trump, but lucky for him Kim and Kanye aren’t ones that feel that way. He continues to get support from this couple.

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