Kim Kardashian gets a new neon toy


Kim Kardashian just got a new neon toy from her husband Kanye West. It looks like he got her a great gift for no reason.

E! Online shared the details about the new neon  vehicle that Kim Kardashian got as a gift from her husband Kanye West. It isn’t even her birthday or anything special. On Saturday, Kim got this 4X4 from Kanye. It matches all of the neon clothes that she has been seen wearing lately.

It is a neon green 2018 Mercedes G550 4×4 SUV which is the same make and model of a neon green vehicles they had rented during a trip to Miami last week when they went for 2 Chainz’ wedding. Kim Kardashian was seen wearing neon outfits while in the vehicles.

Kim Kardashian explained that she loved the vehicle so much while in Miami and had been talking about it. Kanye must have picked up on the hint because he got one for his wife and surprised her when she came out of the gym with it. He does know how to win his wife over! Kim and Kanye have three children together and seem to have a great relationship as husband and wife.

One issue is that Kim Kardashian is a bit short for the vehicle. She admitted that she may need a stool to make sure she can get in and out of it just fine. Kim wouldn’t want to end up showing off any of her goods by accident.

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