Source says Kendall Jenner is eating 400 calories a day


Kendall Jenner looks amazing as usual, but now a source is saying that her diet could be a bit too extreme. The source shared that the model is only eating 400 calories a day.

Radar Online spoke out and shared that a source is saying that Kendall Jenner’s diet could be a bit too extreme. She is really skinny right now, but most models are, so that isn’t surprising at all.

A source shared saying, “Kendall’s not eating much of anything. She gets by with a very low-carb smoothie in the morning then another at night.” If that is true, then she isn’t eating near enough and this is very concerning.

As of right now, the fans aren’t hearing anything from Kendall Jenner herself about her diet. It is very important to the reality star to stay in the modeling world and being a size 0 is pretty normal there.

The source shared a bit more saying that Kendall Jenner does eat salad from time to time. The thing is this is not a normal salad. Instead, it is just a bit of lettuce that she puts some balsamic on top of. That is it, nothing else on top. That has to be pretty boring.

If she keeps this up, the lack of nutrition can’t be good for Kendall. Right now, she is still eating so that is a good thing, but 400 calories just aren’t enough for anyone. Hopefully, if this is true then her family will talk to her and help get her diet back on track.

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