Kim Kardashian denies Drake affair rumors


Kim Kardashian is speaking out and denying the rumors that she had an affair with Drake. Kim seems really happy in her marriage with Kanye West.

Us Weekly shared that Kim is speaking out against these rumors and won’t just let everyone say she cheated on her husband. The Shade Room made a post about these rumors and Kim actually felt the need to reply to them. She said, “Never happened. End of story.” Kim could have just let the rumors keep going, but she chose not to do it that way.

The rumors started when Nick Cannon and DJ Akademiks were talking about a feud that is going on that has Kanye West, Drake and Pusha T all involved. That is when DJ Akademiks decided to speculate that the reason was that Drake had slept with Kim. He had no proof and it was total speculation.

This interview was on Complex and the host actually told these two they should stay on topic. The thing was it was too late when this was said and now the rumors are going on. Kim is at least smart enough to stop them before they get crazy and make sure everyone knows she doesn’t cheat on her husband.

It doesn’t look like Kanye and Drake will be getting along, but at least the issue isn’t Kim cheating. According to her, she is faithful to her husband. These two have three children together and there is talk that they could have a fourth at some point.

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