Kylie Jenner or Barbie?


Kylie Jenner made an appearance in a skin tight pink dress and long blonde straight hair and of course she pulled it off. The look definitely resembled  Barbie and she posted it all over social media.

Kylie Jenner rocked a skin tight pink latex dress, long white blonde hair and tiny glasses. She also showcased a pair of iconic clear heals. Marie Claire pointed out that Kylie basically turned into a 2015 Kim Kardashian who also wore a very similar tight latex pink dress. They also pointed out several other times Kylie has shared Kim’s sense of fashion and say she may be morphing into Kim herself.

Kylie captioned her post and story “barbie world” so even she sees the close resemblance to the iconic toy. All these pictures follow her attendance in fancy, important events after her launch of the new Adidas sneakers “Falcon.”

Kylie showed off several photos and videos of her posing at the launch event in another fabulous outfit, a black and white checkered strapless dress with the same long blonde hair.

As always, Kylie always keeps us guessing with what her hair looks like, considering just a few posts before she had a long black wig for her makeup shoot in addition to the same long black hair for her promotional shoot that she did for Adidas. However, the hair change is really no surprise as she’s been known to change her hair pretty much as long as I can remember. Remember her hair extension line?

It’s been a crazy few days for Kylie, what do you think of her fashion choices? Is she the next Kim K.? Let us know in the comments and watch new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians  Sunday nights on E!. More fabulous fashion is sure to make an appearance in every episode.