Kanye and Lil Pump release new song


Kanye West and Lil Pump came out with a new song which has odd lyrics in itself, but the music video is even weirder. With Kanye and Lil Pump in giant yet normal costuems and comedian Adele Givens guest staring, the video is certainly a head turner.

When you’re famous you can put out whatever you want and that’s clear in Kanye West and Lil Pump’s new song and music video “I love it.” The video also features Adele Givens, a comedian.

The video features Kanye and Lil Pump in massive square marshmallow resembling suits that make them look like big leggo men. Givens is walking in front of them down a long hallway and shoots back disapproving looks to the eyebrow raising lyrics to the song.

Every time Kanye gets “scolded” in the video he gets a smug smile on his face, like a little kid getting in trouble.

The video originally premiered last Thursday at the Pornhub awards. Kanye is the creative director of the award ceremony, so this fact makes sense. Lil Pump, also known by his real name, Gazzy Garcia, originally started as a Soundcloud rapper and is only 18 years old. That’s 23 years younger than Ye himself. Lil Pump is probably most famous for his hit “Gucci Gang.”

Celebrities like James Cordon have already taken to creating parodies of the video. This is very similar to the time Seth Rogen and James Franco did a parody to Kanye’s “Bound 2,” which they named “Bound 3.”

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