Kendall supports little sister


Kendall and Kylie Jenner have been known to have their fights and fall-outs but after a fan made anti-bullying video with a Kylie voice-over came out, Kendall has been so supportive of her little sister.

Recently a fan made video about bullying surfaced. The video shows clips of makeup superstar Kylie Jenner and has her voice speaking about bullying. The sound clips actually come from Snapchat videos that Kylie posted on her story in June of 2015 when she was only 17 years old.

Kendall tweeted the video as well as posted the whole thing to her Instagram story yesterday. The video is captioned “That made me cry” with a heart and two sad face emojis. There’s no way to know if Kendall actually cried, but since she’s her sister, there’s a good chance.

According to Elle the Snapchat voice-over from Kylie said the following:

"“Half of you guys think that I’m weird, and the other half think I’m funny. But I’ve been bullied since I’ve been nine, from the whole world it feels like sometimes. And I think—I think that I’ve done a really great job in handling all of this. But there’s bullies everywhere so this is just a little—this is just a little late Snapchat to tell whoever with their own bullies that the only opinion that really matters is yours and to never change. This isn’t a pity party though, don’t get it twisted. This is for those with bullies out there to know that you’re not alone. Now good night, spread love.”"

Kendall posted the tweet, tagged Kylie and put a heart.

Why Kendall is paying so much attention to this video now, I still don’t understand. It’s been three years since Kylie posted the original content. Maybe just a way to show she’s still there showing support?

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What do you think of Kendall’s sudden support for her little sister? Is she just being nice or is there something influencing her? Let us know what you think in the comments and watch new episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians Sunday nights on E!.