Kim Kardashian says ‘Kylie pregnancy game’ was ‘funnest game ever’


When Kylie Jenner was pregnant, she made the big decision to keep it a secret. Now, Kim Kardashian is talking about how it was a great kept secret and the ‘funnest game ever.’

Last week on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the fans saw that Kylie Jenner decided to keep her pregnancy a secret. She told her sister Khloe Kardashian to go ahead and share her pregnancy. Kylie didn’t want to tell anyone until her baby was born.

In this week’s new episode, Kim talks about the game where everyone guesses if Kylie is pregnant or not. Kim said, “The funnest game ever is the Kylie pregnancy game.” “Why?” Khloe asks. “Just to see what people think,” Kim says. “There were pictures of her out on TMZ and she looked so skinny.”

The thing is Kylie Jenner really was pregnant at this time. Nobody knew for sure, but there was a ton of speculation about it. Kim even told her it was “the best kept secret of our generation.” Kylie explained that she didn’t mean for it to be that and was keeping it quiet for herself. Kylie didn’t want all of the attention.

The Kardashian family even had to keep it all a secret. This wasn’t easy, but the news about her pregnancy wasn’t actually confirmed until the baby was born. Kylie had her daughter Stormie Webster and then told everyone that the baby was here. This had to be a fun time for her, but staying away from the cameras for so long couldn’t have been easy.

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