Tristan Thompson spotted getting handsy with new girl


Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian have been through a lot over the last year with the cheating scandal. Now it turns out that Tristan has been spotted out and getting handsy with a girl that was not Khloe Kardashian.

It has been five months since Tristan allegedly cheated on Khloe right before she had their baby True. The two have been working on their relationship really hard, but now things don’t seem as great. Tristan was seen getting close with a mystery woman at L.A.’s Warwick nightclub September 20.

Someone who was at the party saw it all go down and shared. They said that Tristan was a bit too close to someone that wasn’t Khloe. The source revealed, “Tristan and a girl were chatting and flirting throughout the night. They were very touchy-feely. He had his hand on her butt.” Maybe he should be smart enough not to do this out in public.

A source close to Khloe says it doesn’t matter, though. She wants to stay with him and seems to be buying every single thing he is telling her. Khloe has always wanted to be a mom and have a family. She has that now even if it isn’t perfect.

Khloe is actually about to follow Tristan right back to Cleveland. She wants to be by his side while he is there for basketball. This is a big move, but she has done it before and doesn’t seem to mind. Khloe knows how to put her relationship first. There have been some rumors that Tristan is trying to move to a team closer to LA, but it hasn’t happened yet.

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