Kanye West once gave Kim Kardashian a $1 million check, here the story of why


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be married, but that doesn’t mean that he wouldn’t give her some money once in a while. It turns out that he recently gave his wife a $1 million check, but there is a pretty interesting story behind it.

Kim explained the details about why her husband Kanye thought he should give her this big amount of money. It was all about her turning down a job that would pay $1 million. This job actually was with someone who Kanye feels like knocks off Yeezy. So instead of Kim doing the job, he paid her. This all went down on Ashley Graham’s Pretty Big Deal podcast.

Kanye didn’t want her to do it, but he also didn’t tell Kim Kardashian that she wasn’t allowed to. Kim made the choice to turn down the job. The next thing you know it is Mother’s Day and Kanye gives her an envelope with a gift inside. Kim explained it saying, “I opened the envelope and it was a million dollar check with a note saying, ‘Thank you for always supporting me and not posting.”

It is obvious that Kanye was happy with the decision that she made not to do this job. That wasn’t all that he gave her, though. Kim also got “a full, thick contract to be an owner of Yeezy, to have my percentage.” It is obvious that they keep their money separate, but also help each other out. Kim and Kanye both have plenty of money. These two seem to be doing well in their marriage.


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