Kim Kardashian shamed for letting North West wear makeup


Kim Kardashian West was recently mom-shamed for the fact that she lets her daughter North West wear so much makeup. North is pretty young, but this is also Kim’s decision and not one that is made by all of her followers.

Kim and Kanye’s daughter North has been seen out in public with makeup on a few times. Kim shared a photo on her Instagram page that has her daughter in makeup. This is when the haters started in on her.

The followers didn’t hold back and shared their exact thoughts. You know that Kim can’t be happy about what they had to say. Here are a few of the comments.

"“Why’s your daughter wearing makeup? She’s too young.”“Agreed. Not mentally healthy to do to a baby.”“I don’t care what anyone says. Dressing this kid up, making her be ‘fashionable,’ makeup and hair to go out is too much at five years old. Yes, I played with makeup as a kid, BUT I was at home. And no one forced me to be fashionable at five. Let’s teach our kids that there [are] more important things than the way they look.”"

Kim Kardashian West seems to just be ignoring the haters on this post. The thing is she is used to it. Every single post she puts up has someone hating on her, but then also has fans that love her. Kim has a lot of fans that have her back and defend her, so she is very lucky for that.

She isn’t the first one in the family to be bashed for their parenting decisions. Her sister Kylie Jenner was recently given a hard time for the fact that she let her daughter Stormi use a walker. She doesn’t seem to see the problem with it, though. It was obvious Kylie was watching her at the time. Being a Kardashian or Jenner means dealing with the haters.

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