Kourtney Kardashian allegedly jealous of Scott’s new relationship


Scott Disick has a new girl in his life and a source is now saying that Kourtney Kardashian is allegedly jealous of his relationship. She doesn’t want Scott but wants something like he has in his life.

It sounds like being single isn’t really what Kourtney wants. She has three children at home, but she doesn’t have a lover or someone to share her life with the way Scott does. Scott has been with Sofia Richie for a while and these two seem to be doing great.

Back in August, Kourtney broke up with Younes Bendjima. She has dated some since then, but nothing has worked out. Scott was jealous of her relationship at first, but he moved on and seems happy now. A source shared that Kourtney is really wanting a man of her own. Here is what the source had to say.

"“Kourtney is getting a tad lonely and a bit jealous of Scott and Sofia. While she loves dating guys and not being tied down, she also is starting to miss having a boyfriend too.”"

Kourtney and Scott were together off and on for years. Then she jumped into a new relationship pretty fast. She isn’t used to being alone. It sounds like Kourtney wants someone to travel the world with the way she did her last boyfriend. She is a great mom and focuses on that, but it isn’t a lover like she would like to have in her life. You know Kourtney could easily have a man, but sounds like she wants to find the right one and not settle.

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