Kim Kardashian, Kanye West going to counseling with a twist


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are allegedly going to counseling, but this is with a twist. It sounds like something different than most people go to, but maybe it is working for them.

No marriage is perfect and it turns out that Kim and Kanye need a bit of help with their marriage just like a lot of couples do. In Touch Weekly shared that the couple is going to counseling, but you go in there completely naked to talk about your problems.

An insider shared that this was all Kim’s idea. She honestly isn’t afraid to get naked as we all see on her social networks. The source explained what is going on with this counseling.

"“It was Kim’s idea. She made the point that they’ve always communicated better when their clothes are off… As ridiculous as it sounds, they both agree that being naked loosens their inhibitions and puts them on the same level.”"

Kanye West does really care about fashion so that makes total sense that they would talk better that way. It also sounds like it is working for the couple. They have three children together and of course, they want to make sure this relationship works. If taking their clothes off and talking it out, then that is great.

Now the question is, who is in the room with them? That part wasn’t explained at all. You have to wonder if the therapist takes it all off or just doesn’t look at them or how this goes down.

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