Fitness Friday, KUWTK Edition: Kim Kardashian flaunts bikini body after intense diet and workout


Fitness Friday has arrived, and Kim Kardashian knows how to stay fit!  We’ve got the skinny on the reality TV star’s weight loss diet and exercise plan.

Kim Kardashian has transformed her body in recent years, going from feeling embarrassed by how she looked in her bikini to rocking those nearly nude Instagram photos. How did she do it? We’ve got our Fitness Friday focus on Kim to share her secrets!

Kim Kardashian wows at 116 pounds

Kardashian just earned kudos from the Daily Mail, which described the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star as a “living doll” at a stunning 116 pounds. That weight results from a 20-pound loss.

Before her 20-pound weight loss, however, Kim had plateaued at 140 pounds. And then famed fitness trainer Melissa Alcantara stepped in. Melissa even shared Kardashian’s success on her own Instagram page.

Kim Kardashian trainer Melissa Alcantara talks diet and fitness

The certified trainer shared her secrets to Kardashian’s stunning new body with In Style. Melissa doesn’t believe in “easy hacks, especially when it comes to a healthy diet.”

Kim reached out to Alcantara because “she realized she needed a change — a real change.” The trainer shared that Kardashian “wanted to be strong and healthy and do it the right way — AKA, the hard way.”

But the tough way to getting fit doesn’t mean limiting yourself to chicken breasts and lettuce leaves, emphasizes Melissa.

"We have made people believe that eating carbs is bad and that you should eat just protein and veggies to lose unneeded fat. Carbs are needed, and some people actually need a lot more carbs than other depending on certain factors such as their genetic type etc. But, I’m talking about real carbs like sweet potatoes and quinoa, rice cakes and fiber crisps are NOT carbs, they’re just processed food."

Inside Kim Kardashian’s workouts and weight loss plan

Here are the keys to Kim’s weight loss success, according to her trainer:

  • Use portion control.
  • Keep food simple (avoid processed products), and eat “fresh and good.”
  • Mix up workouts, including “low-intensity interval training. I have high-intensity and then weight training.”

And the results are evident, with Kim rocking her bikini on her Instagram page.

We should note that Kim’s not the only Kardashian with a bodacious bikini body (we see you, Kourtney Kardashian!).

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