Whatever happened to Kylie Jenner’s Hair Extension Line


Before Kylie Jenner could dream that Kylie Cosmetics  would turn into a billion dollar empire, the beauty mogul released her first hair extension line, Kylie Hair Kouture in 2014 .  Her latest lip kit, 2014, is a nod to her infamous teal locks

Last Friday, Kylie dropped some new shades to her Kylie Cosmetics lip kit line, including a semi-familiar looking teal shade aptly named “2014.” Sounds prehistoric, right? On social media Kylie disclosed that she named the shade after the year that she colored her hair teal and subsequently took her first steps into becoming a beauty mogul when she launched her hair extension line  later that year.

Having been all caught up in Kylie’s “I’m not a regular Mom, I’m a cool mom” vibes these days, I totally forgot about her teal-haired, beauty killer phase. With Kylie Cosmetics becoming the makeup line of the decade, I couldn’t help but wonder what happened to the hair extension fad that started it all. Naturally, I turned to Google to learn more about the quick rise and silent fall of the Kylie Hair Kouture.

The facts about Kylie’s hair extensions

A quick reminder to those who forgot like myself, Kylie Hair Kouture debuted in late 2014 as a partnership with luxury hair extension brand Bellami! The clip-ins rang in at $250 and was overnight success. The line featured a number of natural colors for some voluminous day-to-day wear, but the real superstars were the teal blue ombre styles that let you recreate Kylie’s signature ‘do.

So what happened to Kylie Hair Kouture

Being that you can still purchase traces of the Kardashian hairstyling line,  I fully went down the Google rabbit hole expecting Kylie Hair Kouture to be hard to find, but not that hard to find (considering the style is still semi-culturally relevant).  However, the brand was more hidden than Kylie during her pregnancy. The very last mentioning of extensions I could locate was an influencer repost on a Bellami IG page from October 2016.  After multiple site redirects, I enlisted the help of a Bellami customer service rep who confirmed that the line was discontinued a couple years back. If you’re still wanting a piece of the Kardashian Kollectible ™, you are able to purchase one the several pairs available for resell via Poshmark  and eBay.

The Kylie Hair Kouture Legacy

Kylie Hair Kouture was really just a warm up for what’s to come in her budding career. Almost a year after launching her hair extension line,  the reality starlet founded Kylie Cosmetics. Her first stock of lip kits sold out in minutes, and it hasn’t slowed down for the beauty mogul since.

It’s almost like the teal ombre was a gateway for our favorite style chameleon.  Kylie’s flaunting more experimental colors these days, most recently cotton candy pink and full-on-platinum.  Knowing that everything she touches turns to gold, I would love to see Kylie get back into the haircare game, and continue to make her mark on the industry.

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Did you own a pair of Kylie Hair Kouture Extensions? Comment below and let us know if you think Kylie should do another haircare venture, or if you think teal hair extensions are totally #tbt.