Kim Kardashian shuts down drama with ex


We all have that ex-boyfriend that completely confuses us after a break up, and celebrity status doesn’t change that. Kim Kardashian is dealing with ex-boyfriend Ray J spreading really weird rumors about her, and she is silencing him.

Kim Kardashian is probably completely confused as her ex-boyfriend of a really long time ago, Ray J, spreads sex rumors about her to the press. He said a few different things including Kim owns a trunk of sex toys in a Louis Vuitton trunk and she stops to reapply makeup if she gets too sweating during the…act. While neither of these would surprise me if proven true, they are still really weird things to tell the press after all this time of being apart.

Kim Kardashian blasted him on Twitter calling him a “pathological liar.” Get him Kim! Personally if my ex tried to start spreading rumors about me I would be sooo confused. That’s not normally something you would tell anyone, let alone the press.

Kim doesn’t seem to phased by it though since she just simply shut it down and is happily married to Kanye. Although they do face problems now and again, I love their relationship so much. Kanye has his crazy moments, but the two always support each other in whatever situations they are thrown in and that’s such a great thing to see in a relationship. Unlike Kim Kardashian’s ex-boyfriends, this seems to be a relationship that is going to last quite a while.

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What do you think of Ray J’s “lies” and Kim’s response? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for all news on the Kardashian and Jenner sisters! There’s always something exciting going on with that family.