Kylie Jenner has Astroworld lip kits and I’m freaking out


Kylie Jenner is currently dating Travis Scott, the rapper, who just came out with his ‘Astroworld’ album. The two share a baby together and now they also share Astroworld merch.

Kylie Jenner revealed a Kylie Cosmetics lip kit that will be on sale at the merch table at the Astroworld tour by Travis Scott. Travis and Kylie Jenner are dating and they have their little baby girl, Stormi.

When I saw Kylie post the Astroworld lip kits I got so excited. How cute that two hugely succesfful people can combine their success to make even more success? Adorable! Kylie showed us these lip kits after she announced some of her makeup will be coming to all Ulta stores on Nov. 17. Some fans are mad about her makeup selection because all they want to do is swatch the concealers. After all, how can they find their perfect shade without testing it? Kylie Jenner assured us thought that she will be bringing more makeup to Ulta and quickly. There is hope! Don’t worry!

It’s unclear to me if the Astroworld lip kits are new colors or just normal ones repurposed in new funny boxes. The boy is all black and reads in crazy colorful lettering: “I went to Astroworld and all I got was this f**kin lipkit.” That packaging alone seems perfect for the tour and for the merch stand. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott have been a pretty cute couple recently and this is just adding to that.

Next. Kylie Cosmetics is coming to EVERY Ulta store on the 17th. dark

What do you think of Kylie’s Astroworld lip kit? Is it smart or is she just mooching off of Travis? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more Kylie Cosmetics news. The brand is always evolving, its hard to keep up!