Is Kylie Jenner better as a blonde or brunette? We looked to Instagram to decide

Kylie Jenner has had SO many colors of hair, but she seems to switch back and forth between dark and light. This is my personal analysis on which is better, dark or light.

Dark Hair Kylie

The classic, the OG, the Kylie Jenner you think of when you think of Kylie Jenner, aka the dark hair. Kylie has rocked hair that matches most of her sisters for much of her younger life. The dark KarJenner hair is almost like a signature trademark to the family, that and their butts of course.

Kylie looks great in dark hair. After scrolling through her Instagram though, Kylie Jenner’s dark hair makes her look a little younger. Is that a bad thing though? Not at all. I mean come on, she is only 21, she should look young.

Just basing it strictly off of Instagram posts though, the dark hair does bring back some of those younger features. I’m not sure if that’s just because that’s what she looked like when we saw her as a little girl on KUWTK, but it’s there nonetheless.

If you ask me, that photo she posted above that was just taken this summer, makes her look a lot younger than she does as a blonde bombshell. There’s still something about those dark locks though that make Kylie…well Kylie Jenner.

Blonde Kylie

Now moving on to blonde Kylie Jenner, aka Barbie Jenner if you ask me. Kylie seems to have a different vibe and a different confidence with her blonde hair. Her blonde hair brings out her barbie-leather pink dress inner self.

Kylie’s blonde hair gives her more of the “cool mom” vibe if you ask me and sets her apart from her sisters. While the dark hair may be the family signature, almost all of her sisters have ventured to blonde at some point, and Kylie tends to distance herself from the rest of the fam.

I will admit, it took me a while to get used to her blonde hair. When I saw it the first time, I was legit like what is she thinking?? Now though, I really like it and I think it brings out more of Kylie Jenner’s playful side.

(It looks like Kylie has recently dyed her hair silver, I am including that in “blonde Kylie”)

The Verdict?

While obvi, Kylie Jenner looks fab with any hair, I actually think I prefer her blonde. However, looks like that won’t be sticking as Kylie recently posted that its almost time for her dark hair again, but then posted a super amazing photo of her with long blonde locks, so my heart is torn. Lucky for her, she will always look great.

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What do you think? Do you prefer Kylie Jenner as a blonde or brunette? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for all sorts of Kardashian/Jenner news updates.

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