I bought Kylie Cosmetics at Ulta, it was everything I thought it would be


If you’ve been online, you know that Kylie Cosmetics came to every Ulta store this month. Now, if you’re from the midwest, you know how exciting this is. As an Indiana native, I was super excited to by Kylie Cosmetics in person.

Kylie Cosmetics came to Ulta stores this past month. Ulta is already one of my favorite stores, and now they carry one of my favorite brands. I remember just a few months ago, while trying to find the perfect lipstick shade for my college graduation, thinking ‘why can’t Kylie Cosmetics be in Ulta to try on?’ Well, now it is and of course I had to check it out.

Now, to the every day California native, this may not seem that exciting. Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Jenner herself are everywhere in major cities. However, here in Indiana, we don’t have Kylie Cosmetics trucks or Kylie Jenner visiting us, and we probably won’t anytime soon, so this is exciting.

So, first thing when I pull into the Ulta parking lot, I spot the Kylie Cosmetics ad. Then I walk inside to find the Kylie display with several lip kits and lip singles. Of course, most were sold out and even Ulta had a sign to Kylie fans apologizing saying they will restock soon.


Several Kylie fans are a bit disappointed though in the selection of makeup products made available at Ulta. Makeup you actually really need to color swatch like concealers aren’t there. Its literally only lip sticks. There are signs on the display though saying that there’s more coming very soon, so hopefully the lipstick is just the start and we can expect entire collections soon.

This didn’t stop me from making a purchase..how could I resist? I picked a perfect fall color “Shook” and I was able to wear it all week at the various Thanksgivings I attended. All in all,  I’m excited to see what other Kylie Cosmetics products come into Ulta, and I was satisfied with my experience.

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Have you bought any Kylie Cosmetics at Ulta? Let us know what shades you’re sure to pick up and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians  Sunday nights on, E!.