Kylie Jenner reveals how many children she hopes to have, is baby number 2 coming soon?


Kylie Jenner has one of the custest little babies right now, Stormi Webster. Kylie has revealed how many children she wants to have in the future. Do you think she’s already trying for baby number 2?

Kylie Jenner and daughter, Stromi Webster, have the cutest relationship. They take adorable photos together and even look alike when comparing Kylie Jenner and Stormi’s baby photos. Now, Kylie is talking about how many children she would like to have in the future.

According to Hollywood Life, tv  he big number for Kylie is at least two more kids. Not only is she hoping to have two more kids, but she knows she wants them to be with Travis Scott. There’s rumors the pair might actually be married as he keeps referring to her as his wife, so this would be a cute twist to add in.

However, it’s not quite time for baby number two yet a source has revealed. They will probably wait at least another year before they start trying for a second baby. That’s probably a good idea since the couple are still young and they have so much to do both career wise. Although, two Stormis running around would be pretty cute.

Personally, I would like them to have a boy since they already have a girl, but Kylie and Stormi together are so cute. I can only imagine another makeup loving little girl coming into the picture. A year from now isn’t that long, so Kylie’s two kids would be really close with cousins True and Chicago.

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What do you think about Kylie and Travis having another baby in the next year? Is it a good idea or is it too soon? Let us know what you think in the comments and keep checking back for new Keeping up with the Kardashian stars news. We love finding out what they’re up to.