Pregnancy stress kept Khloe Kardashian from breast feeding


Khloe Kardashian revealed on Twitter she isn’t able to breast feed True. Stress related issues caused the star to switch to formula despite trying different methods.

Everyone has heard of the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal right when Khloe Kardashian was going into labor. That time caused a lot of stress during True’s birth and the months following. Turns out that stress caused even more trouble with Khloe’s body.

Khloe told fans on Twitter that she has tried EVERYTHING to get to breast feed True but just couldn’t continue. She knew she had to stop when True started losing weight to it. What does she think the culprit is? Stress. Of course, anyone going through their boyfriend cheating on them is going to be stressed. Then, add a new baby in and everything is over.

I trust that Khloe Kardashian knows what the best thing to do for baby True is. After all, that is probably the cutest looking baby I’ve ever seen. She wears adorable outfits and always has the biggest smile on her face. You can tell that Khloe Kardashian really loves her.

Khloe’s sister Kylie is very similar to Khloe in that she seems to be a great mom. She recently revealed in a vlog that Stormi even gets her own room during her dad’s (Travis Scott’s) tour. They make sure she has adequate space to play and make sure the volume isn’t too loud for her.

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