Rumors Fly: Has Rob Kardashian found the key to success by writing a book?


Rob Kardashian has been struggling recently with his money amid Blac Chyna drama. Now, Rob may combat some of those financial struggles with a book revealing everything.

Rob Kardashian has already revealed he can no longer pay all of his child support and Blac Chyna has been pressing charges against him and his family. His life hasn’t really been looking up and most recently he’s sold half of his infamous sock line to his mom, Kris Jenner.

According to Celebrity Insider, this tell all book would hopefully make him millions. I wouldn’t mind reading a tell all book about Rob Kardashian, but I’m also not going to run to the shelves for it. I don’t know exactly how many people would, especially since he has been isolating himself from the public the last few years.

Rob is father to adorable Dream Kardashian who just recently turned two. Despite all of Rob’s struggles in life he seems to love having little Dream around. Dream celebrated her birthday and pretty much the whole family was in attendance despite Blac Chyna disliking several members of the family. Blac Chyna thinks that the Kardashian family cancelled Rob and Chyna as revenge. I say maybe no body cared about your show, and would care even less since you two broke up. But that may be coming on a little strong.

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Would you buy Rob Kardashian’s book or would you pass it by? Let us know if you think its a good idea in the comments and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians Sunday nights on E!. You probably won’t see much of Rob, but you will probably hear about him.