Travis Scott denies cheating rumors after mysterious photo was released


Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner have been together a while. Now, people are trying to accuse Travis Scott of cheating on Kylie and he’s completely denying it. However, there is a photo floating around.

A photo has been circulating that is supposedly Travis Scott cuddled up with another woman. Although it may look like Travis Scott though, he says it isn’t him. Travis and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner have been doing pretty well recently, so it would be weird for him to cheat on her. Although, her sister was doing well with her baby daddy before he cheated on her. Maybe its part of the “Kardashian Curse.”

Travis Scott was very passionate about defending himself on the matter on an Instagram story. This is very understandable though, I would be mad if someone accused me of cheating. Travis posted an all black screen with white words calling out the “trolls” and saying that making stuff look like something it isn’t is “evil.” It’s nice to see Travis actually involved though instead of how Tristan seems to handle the situation. I guess the difference lies in the fact that Tristan actually did cheat.

Meanwhile, Kylie Jenner posted a story of the two with a diamond ring emoji. Does this mean the couple are secretly engaged or even married? Rumor has it, Travis has an elaborate holiday proposal lined up. Maybe Kylie is waiting to show us in her own time. After all, she did keep her entire pregnancy a secret with ten month old Stormi. An engagement isn’t too different and is definitely something you don’t want paparazzi chasing you down for, especially with a baby.

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