Kylie Jenner hypes detox weight loss diet on Instagram, complains as fans hilariously mock


Kylie Jenner might seem like she’s got it all, but in an Instagram ad for a detox weight loss diet, the KUWTK star whined about her schedule.

Kylie Jenner would like your sympathy, please – oh, and your participation in a detox weight loss diet product she’s hyping on Instagram.

Kylie Jenner has pity party on Instagram

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) star turned to social media to advertise a product that’s supposedly designed to banish tummy bloat, but in the product, she went a tad overboard in the complaints department. It all came down amid new rumors that Jenner had plastic surgery after her baby was born.

And some of Kylie Jenner’s Instagram followers didn’t hesitate to serve up the cheese for her whine party.

Kylie Jenner complains in hyping diet product

Jenner did the right thing in one way: Kylie marked the obvious hype for the detox diet weigh tloss product as an ad.

But that tiny little “#ad” didn’t quite compensate for her over-the-top whimpering about lacking time, with some fans quick to tease Jenner.

“Lately I feel like I’ve barely had time to take care of myself with my crazy schedule,” wrote Kylie in her Instagram post.

Jenner added a sad little emoji face to emphasize her plight.

Kylie then launched into mini advertisement for the product, which she claimed she was starting again for the second time. Jenner insisted that it “completely got rid of my tummy bloat.” She also said that she had “way more energy.”

Fans have the best response to Kylie Jenner hyping detox diet product

Fans were quick to respond to Kylie. Jenner may not have snagged quite as many diet product purchasers as she desired (but you can use a code to get 25 percent off to “do it with me!” wrote the KUWTK star on Instagram), but she did get some hilarious responses.

“WTF?” wrote one baffled Instagram follower to Kylie.

But one had the best response of all, creating a perfect mini satire.

Kylie Jenner gets asked for 10K: ‘Thanks boo’

In contrast to Kim Kardashian, who got slammed for hyping an appetite suppressant, Jenner’s fans just thought Kylie was funny.

“I feel like I barely have time to take care of myself either,” mocked one of Jenner’s followers. “Can I have 10K @kylejenner?”

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And it didn’t stop there, with the hilarious commentator promising Kylie that the 10K would “help” so much, and adding, “Thanks boo.”