Not even Kim Kardashian knows if sister Kylie Jenner is engaged to Travis Scott


A lot of speculation has been going around as to if Kylie Jenner is engaged to or even married to boyfriend and baby daddy Travis Scott. Rumors and social media posts have suggested the couple have taken the next steps in their relationship, even Kim Kardashian isn’t sure.

There has been a lot of speculation about Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott. No one really knows the status of their relationship. Now Kim Kardashian is speaking up about the matter and she seems to be just as clueless.

On Sunday night, Kim talked about her sister Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend Travis Scott during an episode of Busy Tonight according to People. According to Kim Kardashian, she doesn’t think the two are actually married but just trying to be cute instead.

Kim admitted that they have a super adorable little family and probably just post the things they do to be cute. Although there could still be a chance and Kim said she would text Kylie in their group chat later to ask. If Kylie is really keeping it a secret she probably won’t just text her answer to her sisters.

Personally, If Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were engaged or even married, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. A lot of other fans probably wouldn’t be either since she kept her whole pregnancy with Stormi a secret. However, she is posting about this one a lot more so maybe she is just messing with us. Oh, to be famous and have the time and ability to mess with thousands of your fans.

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Do you think Travis and Kylie are engaged or even married or are they just trying to be cute for social media? Let us know what you think in the comments and stay tuned for more Kardashian and Jenner news. You never know when one of them will reveal something crazy like an engagement or baby.