Drake, Kanye West feud stars Kim Kardashian, Drake’s baby mom, and oh yes: Kris Jenner


The feud involving Drake and Kanye West has expanded rather than ended, involving everyone from the mother of Drake’s child to Kim Kardashian.

Drake and Kanye West have a long history, but the two never feuded like they have in the past hours.

With Kim Kardashian and the mother of Drake’s child getting involved, the feud has heated up to the point that it’s even included the most unlikely of Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars, Kris Jenner.

Drake baby mommy joins feud against Kanye West

E News reported that Sophie Brussaux, who is the mom of Drake’s son, has entered the war on Twitter. Sophie headed to Instagram to slam Kanye West.

In response to Ariana Grande tweeting “i know there are grown men arguing online rn,” Sophie commented, “I would hardly call Kanye arguing with himself ‘grown men.'”

Drake’s baby mom tweeted in the wake of West blasting Drake. Kanye informed his Twitter followers that “Drake called threatening me.”

Ariana’s hope that Drake and Kaney would “behave for just like a few hours” didn’t seem to have much impact.

Kim Kardashian also got involved.

Kim Kardashian has her own take on Drake, Kanye West feud

How faithful is Kim Kardashian? Well, according to Cosmo, even though Kardashian defended West, she “can’t stand when he starts drama like this.”

The insider quoted by the media outlet also explained that Kim “believes this is what she needs to do as his wife. They are a team and she will stick up for him….that doesn’t mean that Kanye’s drama doesn’t affect her negatively.”

But Kardashian’s alleged dislike for West’s Twitter rants didn’t show in her attack on Drake.

And the crowd just keeps growing. Kris Jenner also is a star in the Kanye West, Drake feud.

How Kris Jenner figures into the Drake, Kanye West feud

We know Kris Jenner as the mom of Khloe, Kourtney, and Kim Kardashian as well as Kendall and Kylie Jenner (and yes, Rob Kardashian, we see you). Then there’s Kris Jenner the momager and female Wizard Of Oz behind the Keeping Up With The Kardashians curtain.

But there’s another Kris Jenner who is (wait for it) the text buddy of Drake! W magazine pointed out that “Kanye West and Drake’s current beef is probably the first rap feud to feature a 63-year-old Calabasas mother of six as a major player, but Kris Jenner knows no bounds.”

Kris got triangulated into the feud when West slammed Drake for texting Jenner rather than speaking directly to Kanye. Jenner’s and Drake’s friendship began a few years ago, when Kris attended one of Drake’s album release party.

Jenner took to Instagram at the time to congratulate Drake and call the party a “great night.” Hmmm.

Drake, in turn, complimented Kris in an interview, saying “the queen of it all—Kris Jenner—she’s my favorite. She’s the boss.”

Ironically, this fierce feud is taking place in the wake of plummeting ratings for Keeping Up With The Kardashians. We’re thinking that there’s a possible spin-off here: “Keeping Up With the Kardashian and Jenner Feuds.”

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