Kendall Jenner thought to be a great influence on Ben Simmons


Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons relationship seems to be heating up after they said it was only a fling. The 76ers co-owner believes Kendall to be a great influence on Ben Simmons, 76ers player.

Despite recent rumors that Kendall Jenner is way too much of a diva for Ben Simmons, co-owner of the 76ers, Michael Rubin, thinks that Kendall Jenner has been really good for Ben to have around according to People.

Recently, there has been a petition to ban Kendall Jenner from attending home games to see Ben play. This was done just in case the “Kardashian Curse” is real. Michael Rubin says that is a crazy idea and that he has spent plenty of time with Kendall. He thinks she’s a great girl.

The couple still isn’t exclusive but it looks like Kendall flies out to games whenever she isn’t working. They are both very busy and always traveling so it makes sense that they can’t be exclusive right now.

Hopefully though, if they really want to make it work, they will be able to find a way to. They look really cute together and if Kendall is really as good for Ben as Michael Rubin says, then there’s no reason they can’t try to make it more official.

One example Michael gave of Kendall being good for Ben had to do with her getting him to go home and go to bed instead of going out to eat. That seems to be pretty nice of her, and if he had a big day ahead it was very responsible of her to look out for him.

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Do you think Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons make a cute couple, or will she destroy his career? Let us know what you think about the pair in the comments and stay tuned for more Kardashian/Jenner news. You never know who will start dating who.