Kylie Jenner makes the list: top 5 wealthiest celebs in America


Kylie Jenner has had major success with her business Kylie Cosmetics and it looks like it’s paid off because she has made the top 5 wealthiest celebrities in America list.

According to PeopleForbes has released their top wealthiest celebrities in America list, and the youngest Kardashian/Jenner sister, Kylie Jenner, has made the cut. Not only has she made the cut, but she came in the top 5. Coming in at number 5, she is estimated to have a net worth of $900 million.

Kylie Jenner isn’t the only one to have that estimate. She has tied with Jay-Z who also has $900 million net worth. Coming in before those two includes George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Oprah, Michael Jordan. The highest? George Lucas with an estimated net worth of $5.4 billion.

Kylie’s hard work has totally paid off as she spends her whole year as the sole owner of her beloved makeup line, Kylie Cosmetics. She constantly launches new lines of makeup and new products. Soon, she will even have products for your eyelashes, which I am beyond excited for. Can you imagine having those long eyelashes just like Kylie has? We will all look like the Jenner sisters in no time.

Although a lot of people think she has got where she has because of her last name, Kylie Cosmetics actually has some really good products. Some may think they are overrated, but her lipkits have really great color and are really long lasting. If you love makeup you know that’s what you want in a liquid lipstick.

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How will 2019 go for Kylie Jenner? Let us know where you think she will end up next year in the comments and stay tuned for all Kardashian and Jenner family news. You never know what record they will break next.