Kim Kardashian flaunts fab figure in bra for Instagram diet ad: Fan reactions shock


Kim Kardashian shows off her figure in just a bra and leggings for an Instagram diet ad just hours after her fourth baby news goes viral!

Kim Kardashian may have thought she’d look like the Queen Of Fabulous Figures by posing wearing just a bra and leggings for an Instagram weight loss product ad.

However, fan reactions weren’t all about praising those fab abs that Kim worked hours to sculpt. Read on to see what happened when Kardashian tried to hype a diet product on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian gets shock reaction to Instagram diet ad

Kim posted her Instagram photo just hours after the news that Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their fourth baby went viral.

In the caption for her pic, Kim goes into elaborate detail about the benefits of using the flat tummy weight loss shake that she’s hyping.

But all that detail didn’t stop Kardashian fans from blasting the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, pointed out Yahoo.

Kim faced ridicule from some of her 123 million Instagram followers after she wrote that the shakes were “so good and…helping me get my tummy back to flat.”

Kardashian previously got slammed for hyping Flat Tummy lollipops, designed to suppress hunger, last spring.

Kim Kardashian fans shame her for appealing to young girls

Some of the fans criticized Kim for promoting the product to “young girls that look up to you,” calling it “disgusting.”

One wanted to know how much Kardashian earns for promoting “utter garbage.” And some fans blasted Kim for making it sound like a chocolate shake could change women’s bodies.

“This is telling young impressionable kids that follow you that a simple shake will make their body right,” pointed out one Instagram follower. “OMG time to unfollow.”

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What do you think of the Instagram diet ad that Kim Kardashian posted? Do you think fans were unfair in body-shaming her or do you agree? Share your comments below.