Kim Kardashian spends insane amount on bags for the kids


Kim Kardashian revealed on her Instagram story presents she got for the kids in the family. You won’t believe how much money she spent. Would you ever spend this much on children?

Kim Kardashian revealed that she bought her daughter and nieces Louis Vuitton Nano Speedy bags which according to Page Six retail for $1,100 each. She shared the picture on her Instagram story and honestly, I’m both shocked and jealous.

The story she shared said “I got these for all the baby girls in the fam for xmas from Japan.”

Of course, I’m sure Stormi, True and Chicago won’t be using their thousand dollar bags anytime soon but it’s still nice of Kim Kardashian to think of them. If I were a mom, I’m not sure I could hand my 6 year old a bag that cost over a thousand dollars. I can’t imagine the weird items that will end up in there knowing 6 year olds. According to Page Sixthe bags she got for the kids are actually even a more rare version of the famous bag, even more reason to be nervous to give it to a six year old. Maybe Kim is Kardashian is waiting a while to give the purse to the girls.

The daughters and nieces of the family weren’t the only ones to receive nice gifts. Kim received a Miami condo from Kanye West which they were just recently spotted enjoying together. The Kardashian family always seems to give the best gifts, their Christmas mornings are probably AMAZING.

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Do you think you would ever spend that much money on gifts? Let us know if you would in the comment section below and stay tuned for more Kardashian and Jenner family news. You never know what crazy purchase they will make next.